Foreign Exchange Rate Data and APIs for Business Users supplies benchmark quality FX rates via API to professional users – be it developers or businesses needing data feeds for systems.  No-one else does this.  Until now you either get cheap, low-quality data, or very expensive non-benchmark quality data.  FXily bridges the gap and supplies both benchmark quality data at a sensible price via an easy to use API.  Our data comes from NewChange FX, the world’s only supplier of officially recognised, live, regulated FX data.

If you want your application to be the best, then use the best.

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The FXily API

Data available via the API is not limited to spot data.  You can also access forward data, non-deliverable forward (NDF) data and cryptocurrency data, all through a single API.  We also supply widgets for you to embed FX data in your own site if you prefer.

FXILY - FX data in a class of its own, updated up to 20x per second

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Driven by Developers

The FXily team of developers are all seasoned FX professionals with many years’ experience in writing code for some of the world’s largest banks and institutions.  We know the value of good quality FX price data within applications, and we know that you want a clean and simple API to access that data.  That’s what we have built for you.

Benchmark data

NewChange FX (NCFX) is regulated by the FCA under ESMA rules as a benchmark administration agent, supplying some of the world’s most significant institutions with benchmark FX data in both spot and forward markets.  If you need accuracy in your app, then we can supply it for you.

Pricing to suit your needs

We have designed our API packages to suit any budget or use case.  The flexibility means that for a low price you can make calls as often as you need, and access data that isn’t so dated it reminds you of David Hasselhoff every time you call it.